Videojet LifeCycle Advantage

The smarter way to print is with
Videojet LifeCycle Advantage™
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The Videojet 1860 leverages advanced analytics, remote connectivity, and the largest service footprint in the industry to maintain our uptime commitment, improve operations over time, and help you recover in minutes from unplanned interruptions.

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  • On-Demand remote training from Videojet Technical Support at the touch of a button
  • Service packages for periodic preventive maintenance to help keep your printer in peak condition
  • Configurable remote alerts notify customers of pending faults and provides warnings before downtime events occur to allow proactive resolution between production shifts




  • Repair needs can be resolved with the assistance of Videojet’s team of CIJ experts in minutes, and without waiting for on-site service
  • Largest global service organization in the industry to support
    on-site needs when complex support needs arise




  • Smart printers leveraging data across a fleet of connected printers to continually optimize printer performance that is tailored to your application
  • Consultative services using remote service data to identify operational improvements and help you run your plant better
  • The 1860’s advanced monitoring and logging capability give you a greater understanding of total printer performance across all shifts, accelerating your drive towards ‘lean’
  • More than 50 embedded sensors to improve predictive capabilities over time and get smarter about avoiding unplanned downtime
  • Optional guaranteed uptime contracts to help you reduce your maintenance costs