Willet 630 Continuous inkjet printer

The new Willett 630 continuous inkjet printer can be used for multipurpose printing tasks and can be operated around the clock.

This inkjet printer is low maintenance and doesn't need to be calibrated even after a long period of shutdown. It has a smart cartridge equipped with an intelligent chip, which makes replacing a cartridge, easy and convenient.

Printheads 1
Inks Dye Based
Maximum Lines of Print 3
Maximum Line Speed (1) 146 m/min (482 ft/min)
Environmental Protection IP43: Stainless Steel Cabinet
Core Life (Maintenance Interval) Up to 3000 hours
Umbilical Length 6.56ft (2 m)
Message Storage Capability 50
Smart Cartridge™ Included
USB Included
Display (User Interface) 320x240 Bright Blue Backlit display

Standard   # Optional   - Not Available

Speed and quality
  • One of the better solutions for a range of slow to moderate speed applications: 
    • Upto 146 m/min (482 ft/min) for 1 to 3 line printing
    • Single line: 5x5, 5x7, 7x9, 12x16, 16x16
    • Double lines: 5x5, 5x7
    • Three lines: 5x5, 5x7
  • Store upto 50 complicated messages, limitless storage with USB. Standard USB with mark and memory back up function
  • Small and portable, the Willett 630 is easily moved from line to line with minimal connections
Uptime Advantage via
  • For upto 3000 hours of operation, no preventive maintenance is needed.
  • At 3000 hours there is a prior maintenance reminder, which recommends the user to replace the cartridge after operating for 6000 hours.
  • This capability eliminates the need for replacing dirty filters.
Superior Printing Quality
  • The Willett 630 inkjet printer can accurately locate every drop of ink within the cartridge, which makes the printed characters precise and easy to read.
  • Even under rapidly changing print environment conditions, its dynamic calibration capability can calibrate automatically, ensuring consistent printing quality.
Simple Usability
  • Bright blue backlit display with WYSWYG screen message editing
  • Diaphragm type keypad with touch screen feedback, including 72 letters, numbers and keys of special function

Continuous Inkjet applications for Beverage

Continuous Inkjet applications for Dairy

Continuous Inkjet applications for Salty Snacks

Additional Applications

Continuous Inkjet applications for Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care

Continuous Inkjet applications for Baked Goods and Cereal

Continuous Inkjet applications for Fish & Seafood

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