Marking and Coding on Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a cornerstone of the packaging industry, widely used for shipping, storage, and display. Ensuring that these boxes are marked and coded correctly is essential for regulatory compliance.

Importance of Marking and Coding

Identification and Tracking

  • Product Information: Marking provides vital product details such as SKU numbers, batch numbers, and expiration dates.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Safety and Traceability: Regulatory bodies often require specific information to be visible on packaging for safety and recall purposes.
  • Standardization: Ensures adherence to industry standards for packaging and labeling.

Marking and Coding Technologies

1. Inkjet Printing:

  • Thermal Inkjet (TIJ): Ideal for high-resolution printing on corrugated surfaces, suitable for small to medium-sized texts and graphics.
  • Continuous Inkjet (CIJ): Best for high-speed production lines, capable of printing on uneven surfaces.

2. Laser Marking:

  • CO2 Lasers: Use a laser beam to etch the surface of the box, offering permanent, high-quality markings.
  • Suitable for high-speed applications but can be more expensive.

3. Labeling:

  • Print-and-Apply Systems: Integrated systems that print labels on demand and apply them to boxes, ideal for variable data printing.

4. Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing:

  • Thermal Transfer: Uses a ribbon to transfer ink onto the box, providing durable and long-lasting markings.

Best Practices for Marking and Coding

1. Quality Control:

  • Consistent Quality: Ensure that marking equipment is regularly maintained to avoid variations in print quality.
  • Readable Codes: Barcodes and QR codes should be tested for readability to ensure they can be scanned accurately.

2. Proper Placement:

  • Visibility: Markings should be placed where they are easily visible and accessible for scanning and reading.
  • Standard Locations: Follow industry standards for the placement of barcodes and other information to avoid confusion.

3. Environmental Considerations:

  • Ink and Material: Use inks and materials that are eco-friendly and suitable for recycling processes.
  • Durability: Ensure that the markings can withstand environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and abrasion during transit.

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