Track and Trace

Videojet Product Traceability

Traceability Solutions Protect against Counterfeiting, Diversion & Product Recalls

Videojet’s IMprints Track and Trace Solution is an end-to-end, production-floor suite of hardware, software and services. It builds from a powerful core – the application of a unique code to individual items in the production environment. From there it expands outward to capture key supply-chain information that is easily fed into other business applications, such as ERP, WMS and more. Videojet’s Imprints Track & Trace Solution fingerprints your brand.

Threats to your brand

Videojet’s IMprints Track & Trace solution fingerprints your brand to powerfully address specific threats:

COUNTERFEITING: Fueled by the internet’s facility to create gray markets, counterfeiting can gravely affect a company’s immediate revenue and do incalculable long-term damage when a substandard product is associated with a brand.

DIVERSION: Unscrupulous individuals can divert products to unintended retail outlets, diluting the brand’s image and generating ill-will within the legitimate sales channel.

RECALL: Product recalls happen, and there can be PR fallout as manufacturers fumble to locate the tainted product.

Benefits of Videojet’s IMprints Track & Trace Solution

  • Proven software and production-line control systems
  • Marking and reading solutions for nearly any material or production environment
  • Non-disruptive implementation adapts to existing packaging-line configurations and procedures
  •  Cost-effective solution is based on purchase of hardware and software components
  • No ongoing cost-per-code charges or exorbitant upfront license fees
  • Modular design fits individual needs
  • Codes can be formulated in a myriad of ways to best fit the brand, and data can be incorporated into existing IT constructs or hosted by Videojet
  • Scalable from a single production line to a multi-facility/multi-line structure while still utilizing the initial investment

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