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Videojet Product Traceability

Traceability Solutions Protect against Counterfeiting, Diversion & Product Recalls

Track and trace solutions are important component of modern operations. You can monitor and trace the movement of products, materials, or assets throughout various stages of the supply chain or production process. It helps business to streamline processes, ensure quality control, enhance visibility, compliance with regulations, production statistics management, efficiently inventory management, process optimization and hence increase overall company efficiency and profitability.

Here are some key components and benefits of a track and trace industry solution:

  1. Authentication:

Track and trace solutions enable businesses to authenticate the origin of their products. Providing consumers with the confidence that they are receiving genuine and safe items.

  1. Quality Assurance & Recall Management:

Ensure Customer safety, improve customer service, and hence relationship with customer. Food & beverage, Auto components and electronics, track and trace solutions play a crucial role. It helps companies to trace the origin of each component, ensuring that they meet specified standards. If a quality issue arises, businesses can quickly identify affected products, implement recalls if necessary, and prevent further distribution of defective items. Removes human error, wrong codes and associated cost of Re-work and waste reduction.

  1. Compliance and Regulations:

Many industries operate in regulated environments like Pharmaceuticals, explosives, liquor, etc with strict compliance requirements. Track and trace solutions helps to adhere these regulations by providing transparency, information of the production and distribution. It ensures to meet regulatory standards, such as unique coding requirements and safety guidelines.

  1. Inventory Management & process optimization:

Inventory management is essential for optimizing costs. Track and trace solutions help to keep accurate records of inventory levels, monitor stock movements, and predict demand. This minimizes overstocking and stockouts, leading to cost & time management and also improved customer satisfaction. PLUS reduce the unquantifiable risk of lost businesses.

  1. Fraud Prevention:

Industries that deal with high-value goods, such as luxury items or high-tech products, benefit from track and trace solutions to prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution. The ability to authenticate products and trace their journey from production to the end consumer enhances brand protection, increases profitability, trust with customer,  and reduces the risk of fraud. It also helps in protecting forged post warrantee period claims.

Benefits of Videojet’s Track & Trace Solution

  • Proven software and production-line control systems
  • Marking and reading solutions for nearly any material or production environment
  • Non-disruptive implementation adapts to existing packaging-line configurations and procedures
  • Cost-effective solution is based on purchase of hardware and software components
  • No ongoing cost-per-code charges or exorbitant upfront license fees
  • Modular design fits individual needs
  • Codes can be formulated in a myriad of ways to best fit the brand, and data can be incorporated into existing IT constructs or hosted by Videojet
  • Scalable from a single production line to a multi-facility/multi-line structure while still utilizing the initial investment.

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