Printing on Plastic Bottles with Automatic Industrial Marking Machine

Printing on plastic bottles typically involve printing information such as product details, batch numbers, expiration dates, and barcodes directly onto the surface of the bottle. This ensures traceability, quality, and compliance with regulatory standards of FSSAI.

There are various methods for marking and coding on PET bottles:

  1. Inkjet coder machine for plastic bottles: Inkjet printers are commonly used for marking on PET bottles. They offer flexibility, high-speed printing, and the ability to print variable information such as expiration dates and batch numbers.
  2. Laser marking machine for pet bottle: Laser printing on plastic bottles provide permanent, high-quality marks on bottles. They are suitable for high-speed production lines and can print codes, logos, and other information directly onto the bottle surface.
  3. Pet bottle labeling machine: Pet bottle label printing machine can print and apply labels onto PET bottles directly. This method allows business to print detailed product information and branding on the pet bottles.

The choice of printing machine depends on factors such as production volume, required printing resolution, number of lines & character and budget considerations.

Preferred Printers for Pet Bottles:

CIJ 1280

CIJ 1280

Single Head 5-lines dye-based inks with a speed of 278m/min with a capability of more than 250 complex messages with 8” touchscreen display.

3210 CO2 Laser

3210 CO2 Laser

CO2 laser tube with 30W of maximum power comes with fan-based cooling system and print speed of 1300 characters/sec & line speed of 360 m/min.

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