Explore Marking and Coding Techniques on Glass Surfaces

From automotive to electronics, and from pharmaceuticals to consumer goods, glass bottle and containers serves as a versatile material because of which marking and coding on glass surfaces are crucial for product identification, traceability, and aesthetic appeal.

Laser Marking on Glass Bottle:

Marking and coding on glass bottle and container with laser marking machine is a popular method for its precision and versatility. It Uses laser beam to create high-resolution marks without damaging the glass surface.

Benefits of using Laser marking machine:

  • High precision and resolution.
  • Minimizing the risk of surface damage.
  • Compatibility with various glass types.
  • Resistant to chemicals, and environmental factors.

Continuous Inkjet Printer for Glass Container:

Another widely used method for coding on glass which involves ejecting droplets of ink onto the glass surface to create text, number, or logos.

Advantage of using CIJ printer:

  • High-speed printing capabilities.
  • Compatibility with various inks for adhesion to glass substrates.
  • Low maintenance and minimal setup time.

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