Willet 640 Continuous inkjet printer

The 640 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer has been specifically designed for small to medium sized manufacturers to offer a coding solution that provides enhanced speed and quality of operation, and performance stability.

Printheads 1
Inks Dye Based
Maximum Lines of Print 3
Maximum Line Speed (1) Can print 1 to 3 lines of print at speeds of up to 150 m/min (10 characters per inch, single line of print)
Environmental Protection IP43: Stainless Steel Cabinet
Core Life (Maintenance Interval) Up to 3000 hours
Umbilical Length 6.56ft (2 m)
Message Storage Capability 100
Smart Cartridge™ Included
USB Included
Display (User Interface) 8” touchscreen interface

Standard   # Optional   - Not Available

Automatic calibration
  • Under rapidly changing print environment, Dynamic calibration automatically adjusts printing parameters so the code is consistently printed correctly
Quality at speed
  • Enhanced quality and speed of operation, 1 to 3 lines of code printed at speeds up to 150m/min.
Accurate job selection
  • Visual job selection and layout preview helps the operator to print the correct codes.
Automatic date and time function
  • Automatic date and time function to reduce time it takes for operators to set up codes on the printer, and waste and rework.
Large touchscreen
  • Easy-to-use, large 8" color interface to help reduce coding errors.
Easy to use interface
  • Intuitive 8” color touchscreen is easy to operate with fewer steps to input codes, requiring less operator training and a reduced dependence on operator turnover, resulting in better uptime
Smart fluids usage
  • Smart Cartridge™ technology to ensure the correct ink is used in the printer every time. Real-time fluids levels and maintenance alerts displayed on screen.
Modular design
  • Easy to change ink cartridges with Smart Cartridge™ technology. Modular design makes spare parts replacement easy for fast recovery from downtime.

Continuous Inkjet applications for Candy and Confectionary

Continuous Inkjet applications for Salty Snacks

Additional Applications

Continuous Inkjet applications for Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care

Continuous Inkjet applications for Baked Goods and Cereal

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