The Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet Printer

Minimize operator interruptions

Our most advanced printer, the 1880 is designed
to reduce and simplify cleaning intervals and cartridge
changeovers, keeping your operators
focused on production.

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New Equipment Sales: +91 72900-62569
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Extended interval
between printhead

Advanced printhead design with intelligent stop-start sequence
minimizes the need for printhead cleaning by notifying the
operator only when needed.

Simple preventative
maintenance takes 5
minutes per year

Easily accommodate operator-performed annual preventative
maintenance within your production schedule.

Up to 2x replacement interval**

Industry-leading make-up consumption as low as 3.5ml/hr. Choose between
0.75L and 1L cartridges. Correct cartridge sizing can reduce ink wastage or
increase make-up changeover interval by 2x.

** Compared to other Videojet models