Videojet 3210 CO2 Laser – Designed for efficiency

Videojet 3210 CO2 Laser

Designed for efficiency

A simple, single-box design ensures smooth integration
into your line while an intuitive user interface with
built-in guidance gets you up and running quickly
with minimal operator training.

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Easy integration

A compact, lightweight design
makes line integration seamless.

Supported installation

Videojet technicians are on hand to ensure
your laser is set up quickly and correctly

Simple operation

The intuitive touchscreen interface and setup
wizards make job creation straightforward.

Quick changeovers

A small footprint and versatile mounting configurations simplify line changeovers.

A better solution for your line

Laser systems are ideal for customers looking to achieve superior code quality with minimal effort.

Crisp clean codes

Precise laser codes are easily readable and
help convey the quality of your products.

Non-removable codes

Permanent codes provide built-in
counterfeit protection for your product.

No consumables

Laser systems require no consumables so you
never have to stock ink and solvent again.

Long-life laser source

An air-cooled laser source with 50,000 hours
of expected life provides extended printer availability with minimal required service.