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iAssure™ is intelligent technology helping customers ensure the quality of their coding operations.

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iAssure™ integrated code quality assurance technology

Bringing confidence back to the line

iAssure™ Integrated Code Quality Assurance technology comes as standard in the 6530 and 6330 and conducts your alphanumeric print quality spot checks in real time. Combined with the CLARiTY™ software interface which helps ensure you print the right code on the right product time after time, you can get even more from your investment. Have complete confidence in your thermal transfer printer.



How it works

  • Image capture - Built-in sensors create an image of the printed TTO ribbon as the ribbon indexes to the next print. This is the exact negative of the printed code.
  • Image analysis - The image is processed in real-time, with multiple iAssure™ algorithms automatically checking the printed image compared to the intended image.
  • Image comparison - Areas of mismatch between the printed image and the intended image are evaluated with sophisticated algorithms that examine the type and magnitude of defects to determine the pass/fail of the code.*
  • Fault trigger event - If a user selectable number of consecutive prints fail, the printer triggers a fault that either stops the line or sends product into a reject or inspection area (if the line is configured with one).

*Nominal gap between successive prints is 0.02” (0.5mm). iAssure™ complements existing quality control processes. It is not designed to detect all printing errors and does not read barcodes.



How it benefits you

Thermal Transfer coding operations can produce defects like the examples shown. With new, Videojet iAssure™ technology, these common print defects are automatically identified.

iAssure™ provides intelligent code assurance to customers. iAssure™ can reduce your waste and rework - it is conducting your print quality spotchecks in real time and can catch significant recurring print defects far faster than manual quality checks.


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