Automatic Batch Coding Machine

Videojet Automatic Batch Coding machines are used to print Batch Number, Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, MRP and other such details which give detailed information about the product.

Importance of Batch Coding:

Batch number/Batch code or the lot number should be placed on the product as specified by the country regulations. The number is important as it may be required especially in that case when a product is recalled, or there is a failure with regards to the quality of that batch of products.

Videojet Automatic Batch Coding machines consist of the following:

  • Continuous Inkjet printer/Inkjet Batch Coding machine
  • Laser marking machines/Laser Batch Coding machine
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter/TTO Batch Coding machine
  • Thermal Inkjet Printer/TIJ Batch Coding machine
  • Label Printer and Applicator

Videojet Automatic Batch Coding machines except TTO and TIJ do not come in contact while printing or marking on products. Videojet Automatic Batch Coding machines use beams/spray to mark on the product. Beams emanate from laser marking machine while the spray of ink is sprayed from the Inkjet printer. The product or machine is placed on conveyor belts which should be moving at constant speed. The moving product is sensed by a sensor. The sensor then gives a signal to the machine which responds immediately and prints. These machines also work as online machines.

Below are the examples of Automatic Batch Coding with respect to the applications:

Videojet Automatic Batch Coding machines can print/mark on plain, uneven surfaces and on substrates such as laminated and varnished Labels/Cartons, Polypack Bags, Pouches, tin Bottoms, Cotton Bags, bottles, jars etc.